AB-MJS270 800x600 web
  • Battery capacity: 10400mAh (12.8V 2.6Ah)
  • Rated input voltage: 5V/2A Micro USB
  • Rated current: 270A
  • Peak current: 400A
  • Operating temperature: -20°~60°
  • Battery and alternator test mode
  • LED working light


  • Benefits:
    • Supports fast charging and low self-discharge
    • Supports 12V vehicle jump start
    • Charge for various cell phones, tablets, handhelds etc.
    • Supports 3 lighting modes
    • Built-in multiple safety protection from overcharge and over-discharge


  • Accessories:
    • Jumper Cable
    • USB charge cable
    • Test input cable
    • User Manual


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