batteryless jumpstarter
    • Output voltage: 12V DC
    • Starting current: 350 Amp
    • Working temperature: -40°C ~ +65°C
    • Shelf life: +10 years


    • Benefits:Maintenance free, no need to recharge during storage! Work from -40°C
      up to 65°C. Ultra capacitor technology with quick recharge. Short-circuits and reverse
      polarity protection. Easy to use: 3 steps ➊ Connect ➋ Press ON & wait 100 seconds
      ➌ Turn on engine. Rechargeable in 100 Seconds only! 2 additional modes : “Bypass”
      for a recent vehicle with deeply discharged battery and “Glow” for starting Diesel
      vehicles with cold pre-heating time

  • Accessories:
    • Jumper Cable
    • User Manual


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